Why do I use Java

I will begin my dev blog on Google platform by post why I am using Java.

I have been using Java for quite some time and I think language is truly productive and has many capabilities. I have been using some other languages but this is main one witch I use to do the heavy lifting. Additionally I have been using Python, C++, Ruby, Matlab and PHP. C++ I have been using from my early days and I can say that it is quote verbose language. It is powerful tool but it lacks expressiveness of solution to given problem and is really hard to master.

Later I adopted PHP. This one tool I have been using for quite a long time but as my experience with PHP grew so did my frustration with language. I became annoyed by constant bugs coming from VM, inconsistent naming system, flawed OOP design, interpreter updates that could break already running systems and so on…. The last nail was when I had to use PHPDoc functionality to get at least somewhat usable auto-completion in IDE.

When I got enough of PHP I started evaluating other tools that could take its place. Of course I have heard of Java before but now I took a more serious approach thinking how could I use Java in web development. After some Java evaluation, I was really amazed how it was doing in my tasks. I will try to list benefits that I liked here:

I will conclude this post by saying that Java isn’t perfect language and shouldn’t be used everywhere. It is a tool that has use cases where it can shine brilliantly and cases where it would be overkill. For example I would think twice before solving Euler problems with Java instead of Python :).