Status update

I am aware that I haven’t written anything decent here in three months but actually I am writing stuff… But it never gets finished :/.

I have a few decent posts (at least I hope so) coming about software craftsmanship but they never get finished… Code examples, reference checking, grammar - all of that takes a lot more time than I have initially anticipated. Probably because of this I lack actual will to sit and finish them in one go decisively. Instead those edits and reviews get postponed and drag on for a few months.

To keep myself motivated, I am going to post a few titles of entries that I am currently preparing (not that anyone would wait for them…):

A half of them are more or less done just need some tidying up :).

Also, recently I have been having doubts about what kind of content should I write about… Mainly I was hoping I could write about general-software related stuff, but it looks like people do like more (and find it more useful) to read about technologies and their examples (how to use JAXB or X or whatever). Mine opinion is that technologies come and die and most that stuff isn’t even worth writing about since there are decent docs in most cases (not all :) ) but we will see how everything turns out.