Building Play Framework applications using

Just recently I was in the need to set up continuous integration for OSS project that I am working on right now (DDocumentor) and I found that that others great free service for open source projects.

I created a few projects and everything went fluently since I was using Maven in those other projects but that wasn’t the case with DDocumentor - in this project we are using Play Framework which handles dependency pulling and building. But as it turns out, solution is pretty simple - use these steps for your build script:

wget -q${PLAY_VERSION}/play-${PLAY_VERSION}.zip
unzip -q play-${PLAY_VERSION}.zip

play-${PLAY_VERSION}/play clean-all
play-${PLAY_VERSION}/play compile
play-${PLAY_VERSION}/play test

And add this (or whichever version you are using) to Environment variables section:


Now you are able to build and test Play apps on Thanks goes to for providing such a great service :).